The Benson Bros. are creating a documentary about EarthBound fans in North America.


For a year now, Jeff Benson has been working with Fangamer.net to interview MOTHER fans, Starmen.Net users, and members of the EarthBound team in an attempt to document the space between a bunch of kids coming together on a message board and the reemergence of a cult classic—not to mention the formation of Fangamer, the business Starmen.Net played a major role in founding.

The documentary is called EarthBound USA, and it’s about how EB fans have struggled to popularize the Mother series in North America since the 1990’s.

Jeffrey Benson recently went to Japan to interview the creator of the MOTHER series, Shigesato Itoi, about his overseas fans. What transpired was strange, beautiful, and fascinating.

Just finished an interview with some American MOTHER 2 fans who came to see me. Some of them were in elementary school when they played it but are now married with children, and still have a love for the game to this day. I’ve had all sorts of projects in my time, but this game is definitely in a league of its own. @Itoi_shigesato

From 1995 to 2008 Robbie and Jeff Benson made the YouTube series EB SAGA, which was inspired by EarthBound. The videos were popular on Starmen.net, and eventually led to Jeff’s work at Fangamer.

Robbie Benson heads the video game funk & soul band Super Soul Bros. Robbie will be composing the original soundtrack for the documentary.

Fangamer.net is launching a Kickstarter for the film later this year. We hope to release the documentary in 2015.

More info as this projects develops.


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  1. Michael M.

    Ever since I was about ten, I guess I’ve been a sort of weirdly big fan of UbseyMovies. When my sister and I were little, we always loved Earthbound. We were enthralled the day we found the first chapter of the Earthbound Saga online, and we still laugh hysterically remembering how Ness (Robbie) aged from a young’n into a sideburns-sporting adult in the span of about 0.3 seconds. We’ve always been kind of cheering you guys on from the sidelines, and were equally as excited to hear about your documentary as we were when we first discovered your, uh, “professionally amateur” style of humor. It’s been exciting seeing the progress of the EB Saga, despite the years-long gaps in between videos–which makes it even better, in my opinion. (Ness and co. just keep getting older and older! How will they ever defeat Giygas by the year 2000?) Of course, we also quite enjoyed your other videos. Oddly, one of my favorite videos you ever filmed was Feed Time. I honestly have no clue why.

    In fact, I’d say that you guys are the inspiration that has set my mind on film school. The thought of you guys clearly having a lot of fun toting around a camera and a boom mic and whatnot, just filming silly stuff that maybe a couple hundred people would see at most, was all so endearing to me. You guys clearly had a lot of fun together, and being able to communicate that fun and goodwill just makes the world that much better! I hope you all continue to have fun with all the projects you have going on right now!

    Keep making the world a happy place for all!

    sorry about the weird email address I should probably get a legit one hahahaha

  2. UbseyMovies

    Thank you Michael! Creating movies with your friends and family is very special. Enjoy film school!

  3. Jung

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  4. Scott Sablan

    Hi there. I remember the Earthbound nostalgia kicking inside of me and I went searching up Earthbound related video. That’s when I stumbled upon Earthbound Saga. I loved the first one when it came out and every year after that, I’ve been anticipating your next upload into the saga. Of course I didn’t just stop with EB Saga. I watched all your videos posted on both your ubseymovies and ubseygang channels. I found them all to be complete gems. One thing that I’ve really anticipating though is EB Saga 5. Are you guys going to keep producing more episodes? Was the video you guys reuploaded on April 1st a hoax?

  5. Wendy

    Hey there! I just came home after seeing you guys at Fanime ’15(sorry, I couldn’t stay), and am now watching EB Saga 4: behind the scenes on Comcast ch.15(CRTV2). It was neat in knowing that the construction worker only had socks on, that the one guy(sorry, I’m typing as I’m watching) skinned his chin (aww), that the announcer had to run from one end of the room with the stage to the other side AND BEHIND the curtain to show up on stage in the span of seconds, the reasons behind the various Paulas, and that in editing a character’s scene was purposely chosen for his flubbed lines because the alternative(the GOOD takes) was harder to put together(lol). (I’m looking at you, “apple boy”) >_> And this from a person who just a few days ago never even heard of EB Saga. You and your friends’ love of EarthBound shows. Keep on doing what your doing. :) [typed entirely within Comedy TV’s half-hour of 12:30-1am Monday morning.] P.S.: I’m sorry I couldn’t stay for your final minutes. I stayed as long as I could.

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  8. Alan

    Did this project reach completion and release? Ever since I first heard about this I had been looking forward to it!

    I really enjoyed EB Saga as well! I’m sure I still have the dvd.

  9. Dr. Saturn’s Flying Man

    Yo, where’s the documentary? I’ll buy it. Sent you an email.

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