Milkshake: A Malti-path Adventure (Holy-Ubsey-Homage!)

Holy homage! The UbseyMovies fan art contest is still happening. In fact we’re stretching the deadline out from July to December.

The new deadline for entries is: December 31 2011. Prizes include DVD’s, props and burned out lighting fixtures from our assorted film sets.

milkshake copy

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A group of dudes and bros that always surprise. Life-Long-Ubsey-Fans: Ridgways Films, have done it again! In this surreal, yet entertaining hodge-podging of some of the most bizarre UbseyMovies. So no matter if you can’t get enough Jon Magram or you just love UbseyMovies a whole lot! You’ll find this choose-your-own-adventure style Ubsey-game very enjoyable, perhaps even lovable! Thanks Ridgway Films!


On a random side note, check out some Epic Pac Man Jammin’! Recorded live from the Video-Game-Music-Extravaganza at Iguana’s Burritozilla. More videos from that show to come! Including tunes from: EarthBound, Zelda, Mario, Pilot Wings, Kirby Pokemon and more!

2 Responses to Milkshake: A Malti-path Adventure (Holy-Ubsey-Homage!)

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  • questionsleep says:

    Wow this is really creative! It looks like it took a bunch of work. Hats off to Ridgway for sure. They definitely deserve some kind of prize (if this was an entry for the contest).
    I recognised all the stuff I saw through one ending, where I chose all the original paths. I look forward to trying all the other different paths!

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