A Brief Ubsdate

June 8th, 2012

Hello internet! Sorry for the delay in the fan art contest, and our dropping off the grid. Let us briefly bring you up to speed.

Robert Krakower wrote & directed his first feature film ”Always Learning” — Which was produced by Jon Magram through SJSU’s Spartan Film Studios. Earlier this year, a rough cut of the film premiered at the 22nd Cinequest film festival.

Jon Magram is currently a Storyboard Revisionist at Nickelodeon Studios. He’s working on an unannounced show, and he has to let Danny Tamborelli ride around on his back whenever Danny wants.

Robbie Benson has been working closely with some Bay Area music legends. He also founded a band specializing in video game music. They’re suitably known as the Super Soul Brothers. SSB played a kick-butt show at Iguanas Burritozilla during memorial day weekend, which coincided with Fanimecon. Videos from that event coming soon.

Jeff Benson is working for Fangamer LLC in Tucson, where he creates funny videos, writes stories, draws and occasionally watches Breaking Bad.

The fan art contest was a great success. I’ll be posting your prizes in a special blog update later this month. Thank you everyone who sent in their work!

As for now, I’ll leave you with a green screen test Jeff did for Fangamer.

The Return of UbseyLIVE! Saturday, Oct 22nd

October 14th, 2011

Our regular antics will be returning to your computer screen this October 22nd. We’re bringing along a fantastic finale of friendly faces, new short films, fan art, awards, skype calls, green screen, live music, video games, party… and pizza!


Green Belt Warrior – A Jon Magram Short Film

October 12th, 2011

This short film was a summer 2010 collaboration — Jon Magram wrote and directed with Robbie Benson behind the camera, and Jeff Benson in front of it. Robert Krakower and Jon produced the film assisted by a crew of top notch SJSU film & animation students, and of course starring a talented cast of actors. This production was one of the funnest to work on because of everyone involved, so thanks to all of them!

A 17-year old martial arts student named Jeffrey struggles to earn his green belt, but in order to do so he must first beat 13-year old Jad in a sparring match.

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Ubsey Fan Art Prize Party 2011 (Deadline: Dec 31st)

July 5th, 2011

We’ve had a few UbseyMovies Fan Art contests in the past, and we’ve given away some fabulous prizes. We’ve also unfortunately neglected awarding some previous fan art entries, due to not having additional prizes to give away; this undoubtedly was anticlimactic for those individuals, who took the time to create, develop and submit their art. We feel bad about this neglect, very bad indeed. Those rules were not fair! So this year we’re playing by: Everybody gets an ice cream rules, which means when you  submit your art, you will definitely receive a prize. (Shipping required, scroll down for more info) This way, everybody gets an ice cream.

How could you not participate? I’ll tell you how, if you don’t make time for it! So get creative, get some friends together, find a camera, guitar, digital pencil or paintbrush and share with everyone. Get out there and express yourself!

We’re not actually giving away ice cream, because that would melt in the mail and you’d obtain nothing but a package of gelatinous sugar. But “Everybody gets an ice cream” is our way of saying everyone will win. And! We’re actually giving away prizes that are MUCH BETTER than ice cream!! Prizes like: DVD’s, Costumes, Props, Posters and Storyboards from original UbseyMovies!

Submitting Your Artwork

  1. Email it to FanArt@UbseyMovies.com (Recommended)
  2. Post it on our Facebook page (to share with others!)

Basic Rules & Guidelines

  • Unlimited Entries: Submit as much as you’d like! However, one prize per person. A prize that grows in awesomeness along with your entries! ;)
  • Videos, Traditional Art and Other: All categories of entry will receive their own unique prize. Work with your own medium of art, whatever it is. Don’t worry ’bout us!
  • Prizes & Awards: will be chosen solely based upon your artwork. If you make EB Saga art, you’ll receive an EB Saga prize. If you make UbseyMovies art, you’ll receive an UbseyMovies prize. If you create something extraordinarily awesome, guess what? You’ll receive something extraordinarily awesome. There is no first place prize or award, you are all winners. Ubsey Winners. Ubsey Wieners? No way, only Ubsey Winners.
  • What happens after Dec. 31st? We’ll announce the list of artwork and prizes with a wild and crazy UbseyLIVE! broadcast (January 7th 2012, at 6pm PST) highlighting all the entries and artists. Along with a few surprises… We’ll even interview you, the artists, on Skype!


Rare UbseyMovie DVDs

  1. Summer Dance
  2. Robert & Robbie: Muttonchops Gwobs
  3. UbseyTV: The Complete Series
  4. EB Saga 1 – 3 (2007 Contest Promo)
  5. EB Saga 1 – 4 (Fangamer)

Bizarre Items & Junk (own some Ubsey!)

This is your chance to score some true UbseyMovies-History! We’re giving away: props, posters, lights, costumes and storyboards from our films, such as: The EB Saga, Elliot Kane, Bobby’s House, Robert & Robbie, Vigorade, Chicken Strip Jeff, Summer Dance, High Stakes Hooky, and anything else from our equipment closet we feel is apropos. Even items from what is perhaps the most frightening and highly anticipated UbseyMovie of all time, MYTHS.

Shipping (IMPORTANT!)

Due to every entry receiving a prize, everyone will be required to pay a modest shipping cost over Paypal. However, if you cannot afford it and wish to exchange your (large) prize for something smaller, that may be arranged. OR, if you are planning on placing an order with Fangamer.net through January 2012 to February 2012, let us know and we’ll lump your prize in with their shipping costs and your order. Note that the Fangamer shipping option cannot be arranged through the Fangamer website itself, you must email us so we may arrange it for you. Any additional questions, please email Jeff@ubseymovies.com

Get out there and create! Thanks everyone!

Previous winners & fanart

Elliot Kane ends 5 years of our CMF’ing lives

July 2nd, 2011

Last weekend we returned from our trip to Hollywood California, where we saw Elliot Kane play at the Campus Movie Fest International Grand Finale. There were a lot of interesting little flicks out there, and everyone had a great time! Though our film did not succeed in any of its nominations, we couldn’t be happier with the turn out. We also want to send our warmest thanks to CMF and its employment, who are by far the most exceptional people in showbiz! David, Dan, Vijay, Megan, Abe “Abey Baby”, Michael “Mikey”, Evan, and many many more!  Thanks for 5 great years, everyone.

If any of you are in college and interested in film, we highly recommend participating in this festival! It’s a wonderful experience, and is a great resource for up-and-comers like ourselves. Plus, these gents do a real bang up job! Free equipment and prizes, WOW!

We’ve entered CMF 5 years in a row, and every time we’ve managed to get to the finale. We feel this is an accomplishment for us, and if you enter the festival you’ll see how much love and hard work goes into creating a short in one week. Please consider participating, and learn as much as possible from the experience. It surely helped us grow as filmmakers, as well as people. Thanks again guys! We’ll never, ever, forget you.

Elliot Kane (2011)

Vigorade (2010)

Bus (2009)

Bobby’s House (2008)

Chicken Strip Jeff (2007)

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Elliot Kane is playing at Warner Bros & Universal Studios (doubles)

June 20th, 2011

Campus Movie Fest‘s international grand finale is this weekend! Our movie Elliot Kane will be screening twice on Saturday. Once at Universal Studios between 10am-4pm, and then again at the Warner Brothers lot, in the Stephen J. Ross Theatre at 8pm.

It’s nominated for Best Directing, and anything else the judges decide is apropos .
cmf11_nomination copy

Thanks CMF and all its participants for another fun year!

Milkshake: A Malti-path Adventure (Holy-Ubsey-Homage!)

June 7th, 2011

Holy homage! The UbseyMovies fan art contest is still happening. In fact we’re stretching the deadline out from July to December.

The new deadline for entries is: December 31 2011. Prizes include DVD’s, props and burned out lighting fixtures from our assorted film sets.

milkshake copy

[ Start Game ]

A group of dudes and bros that always surprise. Life-Long-Ubsey-Fans: Ridgways Films, have done it again! In this surreal, yet entertaining hodge-podging of some of the most bizarre UbseyMovies. So no matter if you can’t get enough Jon Magram or you just love UbseyMovies a whole lot! You’ll find this choose-your-own-adventure style Ubsey-game very enjoyable, perhaps even lovable! Thanks Ridgway Films!


On a random side note, check out some Epic Pac Man Jammin’! Recorded live from the Video-Game-Music-Extravaganza at Iguana’s Burritozilla. More videos from that show to come! Including tunes from: EarthBound, Zelda, Mario, Pilot Wings, Kirby Pokemon and more!

Goosebumps & a short film premier! Broadcasts Friday the 13th 6pm PST

May 12th, 2011

Hey Kids!!! This Friday the 13th, get your bad luck on with UbseyMovies as we riff apart our favorite episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark & Goosebumps.

On Justin.tv/ubseymovies, Live at 6PM Pacific.

may13th copy

Don’t miss this event! Because a few hours into the broadcast, we’ll be premiering Jeff B.’s new short film, The Lizard King. In addition, we’ll be talking about some Campus Movie Fest news, including our Best Directing nomination for Elliot Kane! This is one of the few shows we have time to do in light of all that is happening for UbseyMovies right now, which is a great problem to have! We’ve done nothing but advance and grow this year, and with your love help and support no less! Things will only get bigger.

Thanks everyone!

UbseyMovies’ Video-Game-Music Extravaganza at Iguanas Burritozilla! May 27 – 30 Every Night at 8pm

May 1st, 2011

For those of you hip to the biggest anime convention in northern California, FANIME 2011 is coming to Silicon Valley this month! May 27th to the 30th!

Screen shot 2011-05-01 at 5.07.21 PM

In celebration of such a fantastic event, UbseyMovies will be playing live video game music down the street from the convention center at Iguanas Burritozilla every night @ 8pm ’til they kick you out!

Screen shot 2011-05-01 at 5.09.05 PM

That’s right, a FREE video game music show, and ALL AGES too! We’ll be jammin’ away, taking requests, singing, dancing, giving away prizes, rockin’, rollin’, and generally funkin’ things up. Don’t miss this once in a blue moon opportunity to get the true Ubsperience, live in person, live in life, and live in color too.

Music from EarthBound, Pilot Wings 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Kong Country, The Adventures of Bayou Billy, Duck Hunt, Rival Turf, Dino City, and every Super Mario game ever conceived – including all of his attempts to have parties without everyone fighting, as well as his trying to lead a more active lifestyle through marketable sports. You may send us your requests as well!

Screen shot 2011-05-01 at 5.22.38 PM

Drop us a line if you’re coming out, so we can make the show extra special for you.

We’re going to attempt to broadcast the show, but no promises. So you’ll have to make it out to see us!

This event has no association with Fanime nor it’s contributors or organizers. We simply love video games and the people who love them. Join us!

UbseyLIVE! Broadcast switch to Justin.tv

March 27th, 2011

Thank you for following UbseyMovies, 55 people in ustream crowd. Justin.TV now!


logo_cleartiedye3Same time, different place. Saturdays 4pm Pacific